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The First Tee Staff

Name (click to view detail) Position Phone EMail
Chapter Education
Dulko, Trish Education Coordinator (904) 940-4320
Lowry, Mark Director of Chapter Education (630) 243-8504
Chapter Management Team
Cooper, Mike Southeast Region Manager (813) 495-3962
Garbarino, Guy Central Plains Region Manager (512) 246-0032
Graff, Ryan Midwest Region Manager (217) 224-1275
Sandles, Henry Mountain Region Manager (505) 884-0145
Wagner, Cathy West Region Manager 866-453-8337
Weiler, Jennifer Northeast Region Manager (610) 446-8223
Chapter Relations
Johnson, Brandon Design Coordinator (904) 280-4732
Martin, Kelly Vice President of Chapter Relations (904) 940-4306
Chapter Services
Fallon, Michael J. Chapter Services Represenative (904) 940-4329
Powell, Tony Chapter Service Represenative 904-940-4357
Thompson, Kathy Manager of Chapter Services (904) 940-4308
McGraw, Megan Website Coordinator (904) 940-4330
Nutter, Amy Communications and Marketing Manager 904-940-4314
Parks, Carita Communications and Marketing Assistant 904-940-4353
Riceman, Mandy Media Coordinator 904- 940-4324
Corporate Sponsorship
Swan, C.H. Director of Corporate Sponsorship (904) 940-4310
Barrow, Joe Louis Executive Director, The First Tee / Senior VP (904) 940-4300
Hawk, Merita Administrative Assistant - Executive Level 904-940-4323
Martin, Becky Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (904) 940-4300
Information Systems
Duquette, Diane Database Coordinator 904-940-4337
Pickens, Natasha Information Systems Coordinator (904) 940-4307
Ramos, Raul Director of Information Systems (904) 940-4302
Voiselle, Jenifer Help Desk Support (904) 940-4343
Legal Services
Sapora, John Director of Legal Services (904) 940-4316
Life Skills Education
Brown, Beth Manager of Life Skills Education (904) 940-4300
Clark, Eric Manager of Life Skills Training 904-940-4318
Dacko, Pat Administrative Assistant (904) 940-4327
Holmes, Dedric F. Director of Life Skills Education (904) 940-4304
National School Program
Cawthorn, Benna Director of the National School Program 904-940-
Weber, Deborah Administrative Assistant (904) 940-4336
Organizational Development
O'Brien, CAE, Joseph A. Director of Organizational Development (904) 940-4328 jo'
Orlen, Laura Tournament Director (904) 940-4352
Piersol, Todd Organizational Development Analyst (904) 940-4322
Wakefield, Traci Organizational Development Coordinator 904-4313
Resource Development
Howze, Chelsea Administrative Assistant 904-940-4355
Mulvihill, Jim Consultant for Major Gifts
Stachitas, Len Vice President of Resource Development (904) 940-4305
Sykes, Julie Manager of Annual and Special Gifts 904-940-4349

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