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Patricia Donnelly
Weston, Connecticut

Ph.D. Sport, Leisure & Exercise Science - University of Connecticut

Books/Publications: Teaching and Sustaining the Child Player (published in the book Science and Golf -- World Scientific Congress of Golf at St. Andrews, Scotland); columnist Mind on Sports, Westport (CT) News; Executive Women's Golf News and Views Reports; Training Your Tiger (published in Golf Science International--Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews & the USGA); Power of Visualization - Annual Conference of the American College of Sports Medicine; The Generalizability of Achievement Motivation Skills; University of Michigan

Work with elite and recreational athletes. Seminars for such groups as the PGA of America and United States Tennis Association
I teach golfers how to achieve a superior mental edge and how to take their games from the practice tee to the first tee. I have expertise in numerous mental techniques to improve performance, including anger management, simulating the zone, creating a sense of flow, goal-setting, relaxation, positive self-talk, thought stoppage, enhanced concentration, appropriate focusing, and eliminating performance anxiety. Additionally, I improve interpersonal dynamics between: player and coach; player and teacher; player and agent; player and family members.

Thomas J. Ferraro
Williston Park, New York

Ph.D., Psychology, State University of New York at Stonybrook

Column in Long Island Golfer Magazine "Swing Thoughts" and column in Golf Range Magazine "On the Couch with Dr. Tom" and column in Hong Kong magazine GolfaGuru

Various PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and Champions Tour professionals

The zone is that unique place that indicates one is in the right physical, emotional, and mental space. The five keys to open up the zone are confidence, focus, pleasure, calmness and excitation. One needs to learn to think kinesthetically and visually.

Jay P. Granat
Fort Lee, New Jersey

Ph.D., Counseling, University of Michigan

Audio programs "How to Lower Your Golf Score with Self-Hypnosis" and "Sport Psychology: How to Get into the Zone and Stay in the Zone."

Various PGA Tour professionals

The zone is a mental state, which includes a sense of calmness and confidence. Actions and decision seem effortless. There is no self-criticism and the player is living in the here and now. There is an increased belief that your dreams can become reality.


Wayne R. Glad
Lake Forest, Illinois

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Wisconsin

With Chip Beck, book Focused for Golf

Chip Beck and various PGA Tour professionals

Helps performers, athletes, and business professionals remain at the highest level for as much of the time as possible. Assists performers find what skill sets they have that can be strengthened and what deficits can be built up to enhance consistency.

Jim Fannin
Burr Ridge, Illinois

B.A., Marketing and psychology, East Tennessee State University

$95 for one year of online membership

Charles Howell III, Ty Tryon, Luke Donald, Jim Carter, Frank Nobilo, David Morland IV, John Cook, David Frost, and many others.

The Zone is the exact moment you perform with complete detachment from the possibility of failure. This present tense performance style sets aflame the physical faculties of your body. Your mind and body are fully alert and hungry for action. In this high-octane state of mind and body synergy, you are so well focused on attaining your goal that only when you step out of it do you realize that it felt like a vacuum. When in the Zone you perform with no feelings or sentiments of the past or future because you perform solely in the Now. Without a thought you concern yourself only with the task at hand. Nothing stands between you and your goal when you reach the Zone.

** Chuck Hogan
Wichita, Kansas

B.S., Education, Western Oregon College


PGA Tour professionals Mike Grob and David Ogrin, Canadian Tour professional Matt Weibring
Chuck Hogan has pioneered leading-edge applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Educational and Applied Kinesiology, behavioral profiling, hypnosis, developmental biology and developmental education to the learning and performance of golf.


** Gio Valiante
Winter Park, Florida
Professor at Rollins College

Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Emory University
Golfer Self Belief Inventory (online)

$300, Full Week, $4,500

Jack & Gary Nicklaus, Billy Andrade, Stewart Cink

While a doctoral fellow, Dr. Valiante studied the relationship between confidence and performance. He is highly recognized for his contribution to understanding human functioning and is currently a professor at Rollins College where he recently received a research grant to spend a year traveling with the PGA Tour. He completed a groundbreaking psychological study that explored the minds of over 100 competitive golfers.

** Bob Rotella
Charlottesville, Virginia

Former Director of Sport Psychology at the University of Virginia

Books, Golf is not a Game of Perfect, Putting out of Your Mind, Golf is a Game of Confidence, Life is not a Game of Perfect (all with Bob Cullen).

Many PGA Tour pros, including Davis Love III, Nick Price, Brad Faxon, and John Daly

The first major golf psychologist, his idea that golf is not a game of perfect and that a strong mental game is a legitimate component to sound physical skill were revolutionary in the golf world in the 1980s. His Golf is Not a Game of Perfect was released in 1995 and is the first analysis of the mental game and what it takes to have confidence and trust your swing.

Patrick Cohn
Orlando, Florida

Ph.D., Applied Sport Psychology, University of Virginia

Books Going Low, Mental Part of Putting: Using Your Mind to Putt Your Best, Video: Confident Putting with Grant Waite

Frank Lickliter II Grant Waite

Dr. Cohen has extensively studied and interviewed thousands of athletes to develop strategies to enter "the zone" faster and stay there longer. He is regarded by experts in the field of sport psychology as the leading authority for entering "the zone" and performance routines.

Gregg Steinberg
Nashville, Tennessee

Ph.D., Exercise Science and Sport Psychology, University of Florida

Books Mental Rules for Golf, Slam Dunk: What Top Athletes can Teach You about Winning the Business Game, Associate Editor of the Journal of Sports Behavior

University of Florida Men's Golf, US Golf Teaching Federation, Vanderbilt Men's Golf, various PGA Tour and LPGA Tour professionals

Your thinking controls your emotions. Your emotions control your performance. The good news is you control your thinking. So if you have the right thoughts, you should be able to control your performance.

** Richard Coop
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Books Mind Over Golf, The New Golf Mind (co-author, Gary Wiren)

Payne Stewart, Mark O'Meara, Corey Pavin, Ben Crenshaw, Bob Estes, Donna Andrews

Dr. Coop combines the principles of sport psychology and how the mind works during competition with analogies to business operations. His specialty is in helping persons in sports and business to achieve flow state concentration at higher levels of frequency.

David Belkin
Jacksonville, Florida

Ph.D. - Psychology of Performance, University of Virginia

Fred Funk and several others on the PGA Tour

Performing well is about being instinctive - reacting to what you see without thinking. Under pressure, however, consequences may creep into your mind. When that happens, winners think about what they want, and losers think about what they fear.

Jim Loehr
Orlando, Florida
LGE Performance Systems, Inc

M.A. and Ed.D. Counseling Psychology - University of Northern Colorado

Books include The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal, Stress for Success

Mark O'Meara, Ernie Els

Performing at the highest levels under pressure requires drawing on the Power of Full Engagement. Full engagement requires drawing on four separate but related dimensions of energy: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Robert Winters
Orlando, Florida

Ph.D. - Sport Psychology, University of Virginia/Curry School of Education (Studied under Bob Rotella for may years)

Books include The Ten Commandments of Mind Power Golf, The Mental Art of Putting, and an interactive computer program, Putting Genius.

Rachael Teske, Ju-Yun Kim, Nancy Scranton, Bill Glasson, Brian Gay, as well as several collegiate and amateur players,

Resident sport psychologist for David Leadbetter Golf Academy at ChampionsGate, Director of Instruction - Nike Golf Schools (Florida, Virginia and Mass.) for the past 11 years. Dr. Winters is a former tour professional and believes in practicing what he preaches. "I walk the walk and talk the talk. Those who can't play teach. I believe that you can do both - Doctor heal thy self."


** Pia Nilsson
Phoenix, Arizona

B.S. - Physical Education, Arizona State

PGA Professional, Licensed HeartMath provider

One hour session: $250, 3-day seminar: $1295

Books/Affiliations: PGA of Sweden teaching pro, The First Tee Experienc

Annika Sorenstam, coached all of the Swedes on the LPGA Tour (1990-1999)

Developed a unique new philosophy of golf that embraces the physical, mental and emotional parts of the game. Her focus is not just on developing the player but also the human being. She and partner, Lynn Marriott run dozens of golf programs called Golf 54, designed for players of all levels.

** Fran Pirrozollo
Houston, Texas

Degrees from: University of Chicago and University of Rochester. Professorships at: UCLA, University of Minnesota, Baylor College of Medicine - serving as Chief of the Neuropsychology Service

Fourteen books, including The Game I Love

Justin Leonard, Hank Kuehne, Greg Norman, and Mark O'Meara

Dr. Pirozzolo is a sport psychologist to many top touring professionals. He has specialized in the development of "team training" through collaborations with tour pros and their world-class teachers including Hank Haney, David Leadbetter, Randy Smith, Jim McLean, Butch Harmon.

** David Cook
San Antonio, Texas

Former Director of Applied Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Kansas For Mindset Academy, contact La Cantera Golf Academy, 210-558-5500

Athletes including the 2003 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs

In addition to performance seminars, Dr. Cook has created one of the most innovative executive development programs in the industry. This program brings together his seminars with specifically crafted action/learning experiences on the golf course guaranteed to build individual and team performance in the marketplace.

** Deborah Graham/John Stabler
Boerne Texas

Deborah: B.S., Physical Education & Business - Baylor University; M.S., Psychology - Azusa Pacific; Ph.D., Psychology - United States International University

Jon: B.A., Business Administration - Gettysburg College

Books include The 8 Traits of Champion Golfers: How To Develop The Mental Game Of A Pro

Lee Janzen, Michelle McCann, Brandi Burton, Mark McCumber

Dr. Deborah Graham and Jon Stabler have developed the Tension Meter through their work with Tour clients. The Tension Meter is based on the fact that your mental state affects your heart beat interval, the length of time between heartbeats. The more irregular and inconsistent the pattern, the higher your level of tension. Several dozen medical studies have conclusively made this connection. They have made this fact useful through their patent pending Tension Meter.


Jay Brunza
University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Ph.D., Psychology - Indiana University

Tiger Woods, E.J. Pfister

Dr. Brunza is a noted psychologist who works closely with a wide range of athletes to improve their ability to deliver peak performance when it counts. He currently commits a large portion of his time to sport psychology work with the golf team of the University of Nevada at Los Vegas, as well as many PGA Tour professionals.

Peter Siegel
Marina Del Rey, California

B.P.S. (Bachelor of Professional Studies) - State University of New York College at Brockport, Certified, registered hypnotherapist (in the state of CA), NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Certified master practitioner.

Books include Super Mental Toughness for Golf, Bringing Forth The Zone, and Movin' Yourself Further Up the Mountain

James McLean, Martha Nause, Jerilyn Britz, Damon Easley (Florida Marlins), Tim Salmon (Calif. Angels), Billie Hogan (San Diego Padres), Anastasia Myskina (tennis pro), L.A. Kings (NHL), New Jersey Devils (NHL)

Through twenty-five years working with pros in every sport, my national reputation is that of "Bottom Line Results Specialist." I give elite players the mental keys to peak performance - helping them rapidly, demonstrably move beyond problems (slumps, inconsistencies, anxiety) and into accomplishment realms higher than they've ever experienced before.

Deborah Rozman
Boulder Creek, California

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Chicago

Books Managing Emotions: Golf's Next Frontier and Transforming Anger: The HeartMath Solution for Letting Go of Rage.

Her company, QuantumIntech has recently introduced Freeze-Framer for Golf.

Works with Top 100 teachers, including Pia Nilsson, Lynn Marriott, Laird Small, Joe Theil, and Mike McTeigue
Training your body and your mind has been the subject of many books and techniques. However, the next frontier in the athlete's quest to master the game will be learning to manage their emotions. Emotional states drive physiological functions and make the difference performance in finesse sports like golf.

** Joseph Parent
Santa Barbara, California

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Colorado

Custom Golf School - $270, 1-day - $450, 2-days (group of 3 or more); Book Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game

Vijay Singh plus many other PGA tour pros and Mexican PGA tour pros

Dr. Parent conducts custom golf schools at Rancho San Marcos Golf Course. Design your own golf school tailored to your skill level and needs and specifications. Custom Golf Schools are based on his unique PAR Approach and uses material from his book.

Glen Albaugh
Stockton, California

Ph.D. with an Applied Sport Psychologist concentration

PGA Tour professionals including Kirk Triplett, Scott McCarron

Dr. Albaugh has over 35 years of extensive teaching experience in applied sport psychology working with coaches and athletes across numerous sport domains, including more than 20 years of collaboration with amateur and professional golfers. Inner game awareness equals playing in ones mind.

Deepak Chopra
The Chopra Center at La Costa Resort and Spa La Costa, California

M.D., Endocrinology: Teaching affiliations: Tufts and Boston

Books include Grow Younger, Live Longer: 10 Steps to Reverse Aging and Golf for Enlightenment

Dr. Chopra is revolutionizing common wisdom about the crucial connection between body, mind, spirit and healing. His mission: bridging the technological miracles of the west with the wisdom of the East.

Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd
Monterey Peninsula, Calif.

B.A. in psychology from Univ. of Calif./Berkeley; M.A. in industrial psychology from Goddard; Ph.D. in psychology from International College; D.C.H. (doctor of clinical hypnotherapy) from American Institute of Hypnotherapy

Mental Management for Great Golf; Mental Mastery for Great Golf (manual and audiotape).

Uses hypnosis with clients in teaching them to create a "waking trance" when playing.

Brian Barnes, Christian Cevaer, Hollis Stacy, Beth Daniel, Woody Austin

When you can master your mind, you have mastered the game. Your subconscious mind knows how to play, it just needs the right instructions from your conscious mind. Most golfers give their subconscious "self-sabotage" instructions.


** Jos Vanstiphout

Left school at 13. Former corporate trainer.

Moxie quotient: 5-feet-4 Jos told 6-foot-4 Els he lacked certain male anatomical parts required to take on Tiger

Have included Retief Goosen, Ernie Els, Padraig Harrington, and Michael Campbell

Inspired by the work of Timothy Gallwey, Vanstiphout "gives it to you straight," according to Ernie Els. Vanstiphout uses techniques with his clients to face their weaknesses and improve their strength for the most difficult situations-such as Goosen's victory in the 2001 U.S. Open.

Blacksmith,  Dr. William A.
(724)357-5656, fax (724)357-3777
M.Ed., M.Div., Ed.D. in Health and Physical Education/Sport Psychology
collegiate golfers experience
Indiana University of Pennsylvania/Keynote Speaker

Bramwell, Pat
BS, MA, MS in Counseling/Physical Education
pro golfers experience
Keynote Speaker

Dale, Dr. Gregory A.
(803)323-4686, fax (803)323-2124
BS, MA, Ph.D. in Human Performance/Sport Psychology
youth, collegiate, and elite athlete golfers experience
Winthrop University/Keynote Speaker

Duda, Dr. Joan L.
BA, MS, Ph.D. in Kinesiology/Sport Psychology
youth, collegiate, and elite amateur golfers experience
AAASP certified consultant, USOC Registry
Purdue University &  in UK/Keynote Speaker

Ferguson, Dr. Richard M.
(804)791-5736, fax (804)791-5740
BS, M.Ed., Ph.D. in Physical Education/Sport Psychologe
collegiate, elite amateur, and pro golfers experience
Averett College/Keynote Speaker

Ko, Wisug
BS, MA in Kinesiology/Sport Psychology
collegiate golfers experience
University of Florida

Laguna, Dr. Patti L.
(714)278-3316, (714)278-5317
BS, MS, Ph.D. in Exercise Science
youth, collegiate, and elite amateur golfers experience
California State University-Fullerton/Keynote Speaker

Lerner, Dr. Bart S.
(602)216-2600 ext. 213, fax (602)216-2601
dual MA, Ed.D. in Physical Education/Sport Psychology
collegiate and elite amateur golfers experience
Arizona School of Professional Psychology/Keynote Speaker

Libleuman, Dr. Terry M.
(517)774-6487, fax (517)774-2553
Ph.D. in Psychology
child, youth, and elite amateur golfers experience
Central Michigan University/Keynote Speaker

Lox, Dr. Curt L.
(618)650-5961, fax (618)650-3369
BA, MS, Ph.D. in Kinesiology/Sport and Exercise Psychology
amateur golfers experience
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville/Keynote Speaker

Lutz, Rafer
(602)965-4676, fax (602)965-8108
BA, MS in Exercise Science/Sport Psychology
youth, collegiate, elite amateur, pro golfers experience
Arizona State University/Keynote Speaker

Mastrich, Dr. Jim
(609)921-3665, fax (609)397-1971
BA, M.Ed., Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology
collegiate and elite amateur golfers experience
Rutgers University/Keynote Speaker

Modrick, Dr. Jeanette
(303)730-8005, fax (303)290-6102
BA, MA, Psy.D. in Professional Psychology
youth and elite amateur golfers experience
Keynote Speaker

Neff, Dr.Robert
Ph.D. in Physical Education Exercise Science
youth & adult am, collegiate, pro golfers experience
Dallas Community College/Brookhaven/Keynote Speaker

Newton, Dr. Natalie H.
(770)917-1050 ext. 3, fax (770)529-5222
BA, MA, Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology/Sport Psy
elite amateur and pro golfers experience
Licensed Psychologist, Diplomate American Psychotherapy Assoc. (APA),
Diplomate National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists,
National Board of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists,
Diplomate National Association of Sports Psychologists,
Director National Psychology Symposium for Professional Golfers
Keynote Speaker

Pasahow, Dr. Robert J.
(609)641-2500, fax  (609)641-2502
Ph.D. in Psychology/Clinical
youth, collegiate, elite am, pro golfers experience

Ritter-Taylor, Dr. Michelle L.
MS, Ed.D. in Kinesiology/Social Psychology of Sport
collegiate golfers experience
University of Northern Colorado/Keynote Speaker

Roberts, Dr. Glyn C.
(217)333-6563, fax (217)244-7322
BS, MS, Ph.D. in Kinesiology/Sport Psychology
collegiate and elite amateur golfers experience
University of Illinois, Norwegian University of Sport Science/Keynote Speaker

Russell, Dr. William D.
(785)532-0710, fax (785)532-6486
BA, MS, Ph.D. in Health and Exercise Science/Sport Psychology
collegiate golfers experience
Kansas State University

Shaffer, Dr. Shelly M.
(717)957-3967,  fax (717)975-9993
BA, BS, MS, Ph.D. in Kinesiology/Sport Psychology
collegiate golfers experience
University of Minnesota/Keynote Speaker

Smedi, Dr. Keith J.
(330)399-1204, fax (330)399-1222
BS, M.Ed., Ph.D. in Psychology
collegiate, elite amateur, and pro golfers experience
Cleveland State University/Keynote Speaker

Stern, Dr. Charles R.
(810)445-3612, fax (810)445-0700
Ph.D. in Psychology
collegiate and elite amateur golfers experience

Vealey, Dr. Robin S.
(513)529-2720, fax (513)529-5006
BA, MA, Ph.D. in Kinesiology/Sport Psychology
youth, collegiate, elite amateur, and pro golfers experience
Miami University/Keynote Speaker

Wittig, Dr. Arno F.
(765)285-1707, fax (765)285-2072
BA, MA, Ph.D. in Psychology
collegiate golf players experience
Ball State University/Keynote Speaker

Wolf, Dr. Michael E.
(972)385-0267, fax (972)385-0267
Ph.D. in Psychology
child, youth, collegiate, and elite amateur golf players experience
Keynote Speaker

Ziegler, Dr. Susan G.
(216)687-4876, fax (216)687-5410
BS, M.Ed., Ed.D. in Physical Education/Sport Psychology
collegiate golf players experience
Cleveland State University/Keynote Speaker

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