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For Immediate Release:
November 12, 2007

PuttingZone 2007 Fall Tour of Europe
Makes Many New Friends

Jan Patllo shows his home in Sami Land, where he operates his golf course north of the Artic Circle!
(in the PZ booth in Malmš Sweden)
(click photo to enlarge)

Geoff Mangum recently returned from a three-week Clinics Tours of Europe that was jam-packed with new venues and faces!

Starting in Hinterzarten, Germany, in the heart of the Black Forest near Switzerland, Geoff taught clinics at Hochschwarzwald GC before heading southeast into Switzerland for a series of four clinics: Two half-day clinics at Simon Hilton's Academy at Heidiland GC in Bad Ragaz, followed by two full-day clinics near the Italian border in Losone -- the first with 4-time Swiss PGA Champ Steve Rey at his GC Patriziale Ascona on Lago Maggiore with 20 students and the second with 3-time Swiss PGA Champ Carlos Duran at his Golf Gerre Losone and the new Costantino Rocca Academy with 20 students.



Carlos Duran

Steve Rey

The PZ then returned to Hochschwarzwald GC for two days' coaches certification training with James Marshall of Barcelona Spain and Hotel Can Rafel Golf and Thomas AmbŸhl of Hinterzarten, resident pro at Hochschwarzwald GC.


Thomas AmbŸhl

James Marshall of Barcelona

Geoff and his friend Henrik Jentsch then headed north and attended the European PGA's Teaching and Coaching Conference in Malmš Sweden hosted by the Swedish PGA for its 75th Anniversay for four days, where numerous people came by the booth and signed up to host clinics in the Spring of 2008. Geoff also taught sessions in the St Jšrgens Hotel and previewed his forthcoming book, Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone: Science, the Brain, and the Mechanics of Instinct for Optimal Putting -- A Professional Guide. During the Malmo conference, Geoff was hosted by Henrik's father Verner Jentsch in Kobenhavn, in his grand home of over 40 years.

"Fa" Verner Jentsch
the Furrier of Kobenhavn
modeling his finest Russian hat

Verner & son Henrik Jentsch
at the booth in Malmš

"Fa" at the Royal Hunting Grounds, Kobenhavn

Simon Hilton, PZ Coach in Switzerlanbd
visits the PZ Booth in Malmš

The PZ Tour then continued south to Adendorf for clinics at the German National Training Center for the PuttingZone, including coaches certification of Jason Crerar, formerly of ther Hotel Treudelberg in Hamburg and currently head professional at Golf Club Schlo§ Breitenberg further north towards the coast.

PZ German Academy
Adendorf Golf Spa

Jason Crerar of
Schlo§ Breitenberg

Geoff then returned to Vejen Denmark for a full-day clinic with 14 local pros hosted by Andrew Pakes, new PZ Coach, at his Vejen GC and the Andrew Pakes PGA Golfshop, where Andrew continues in his leadership efforts to bring innovation to Danish golf and golf professionals.

Andrew Pakes in Vejen

Simon Bates in Vejen

Vejen Golf Club

Back in Adendorf, Geoff taught another clinic before training into Hamburg for a coaches training and a full-day clinic for local players at the Steigenberger Treudelberg Hotel and Golf Resort. Four new coaches joined the PZ team: Head Pro Gary Hillson and teaching pros Gary Kershaw, Mel Johnson, and Dylan Bawden. The Hotel is currently expanding by 295 rooms and adding extra practice / learning facilities to its golf school and has invited Geoff and the PuttingZone to become a part of the Resort.

Treudelberg Hotel Celebration

Head Pro Gary Hillson

295-room Expansion to open Spring 2008

GM Rolf Haug

Geoff then trained to Amsterdam to meet with new PZ coach StŽphane Lovey, one of the top players in the Netherlands and a leader among Dutch players and professionals. The PZ held coaches certification nearby at Rob Roest's golf shop, American Golf Heiloo, where Rob has built one of the largest and most sophisticated teaching / learning / fitting / clubmaking & repair facilities in Europe, with over 3,700 square feet in his store, with about half of it devoted to indoor range for full-swing teaching and two huge putting surfaces. Rob is also equiped with all the latest technlogy, but his friendly philosophy of life is evident in the relaxed, casual setting he offers his many clients and students. At the end of the two-day coaches' training, Geoff had the great pleasure of teaching Rob's regular evening class in a marathon session from 8 pm to nearly 1 am in which everyone had a great time.

StŽphane Lovey



Rob Roest

The following day, StŽphane dropped Geoff off at the nearby Schiphol airport for his flight home. After 21 days in Europe covering Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and Holland, the PZ added nine new Coaches (now 25 worldwide), taught 18 days with over 120 students, and made arrangements to add eight new venues with all-day clinics for 2008 in Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland to the regular Tour. All together -- one fantastic three weeks!



Geoff Mangum is widely regarded as the most knowledgeable putting coach in the world and has spent 15 years studying and coaching putting to amateurs and professionals right up to major winners. Last year, after his lecture at the European PGA Coaching Conference, Mangum held a series of clinics for teaching professionals in Europe and received rave reviews. He returned this year to hold further sessions at locations in England and Germany, teaching over 70 PGA pros and elite golfers.

Shaun Micheel worked with Mangum in May 2003 and went from winless on Tour and a low-ranking putter to winning a major with his putter after a single lesson. Winner of the 2003 USPGA in July, Micheel improved his US Tour putting stats from 133rd to 16th within two months of working on putting with Geoff Mangum, and said: "Everyone remembers my [last] seven iron, but my putter won me the PGA Championship." Golf Magazine 2004. Micheel recently finished runner-up to Tiger Woods in the 2006 PGA Championship after the same caliber putting performance. Other standout PuttingZone students include Chris Hanson on the EuroPro Tour and Ben Parker, who won the Orange Bowl Junior Invitational in Miami (December 2005) over a world-class field with an opening round 63 that left the field 6 strokes behind. He followed that with an opening 62 at the Tasmanian Open, which he also won, a month later. For testimonials from veteran teachers, click here.

Mangum's approach is to combine the best of existing putting lore with application of the neuroscience for human perception and movement in putting, targeting and stroke control. This "Mechanics of Instincts" approach teaches the teachers how the instincts actually work on the green and enables golfers to use body postures and movements in a structured putting routine that enhances rather than conflicts with these basic human processes for instinctive behaviour. The result is a permanent and dramatic increase in putting competence and the added confidence that comes with real skill.


For more information, visit Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone.com, http://puttingzone.com, email him at geoff@puttingzone.com, or call him directly at 336.340.9079.

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