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Updated Sunday, February 17, 2008 5:17 AM
(573 putter makers / brands - world's most comprehensive list)
NB: Not all putters conform to USGA rules - check with the manufacturer or the USGA.




























New Putter Makers Added February 17, 2008

Confidence Golf Putters (US) Fussell Putters
Goliath Golf Putters Hot Rod Putter
Clay Long Putters Nickel Putter
Paradise Golf Putter Spherical Blade Putter
St Mellion Putter  

New Putter Makers Added May 31, 2007

Dead On Putters from Elite Sports Products Golf Research In Play (GRIP) Putters

New Putter Makers Added January 16, 2007

Ashdon Putters

Gimmie Golf Putter

Lopaka Putter

MVP Sports Slide Link Putter

Alex McKinnon's Jiro Putter

Ontic Golf Putter

Chase Glenn Putter

ProRoll Putter

ShotGun Putter


Groove Equipment Putter

Exotic Wood Golf Putters - Gifts

Visionary Golf Putters for Kids and Women

TruBall Golf Putter

Cayman Golf Buckeye Putter

MACS Custom Putting Systems

New Putter Makers Added November 23, 2006

Todd Sones' Contour Putter

Elmer M1 Putter

Duane Engdahl's Quantum Putters

Hamilton Golf Club Design

Clay Long's Plus 2 Golf - Personal Edition Putter

Red Eye Laser Putter

Bruce Sizemore's XM-2 Putter

New Putter Makers Added August 7, 2006

Ken Boyd Putters

CrystalSoft Putter (gift)

EZ Line Putter

Falcon Exocet Putter

Fargo Toolite L2 Lateral Line

Fourteen Putters

G-Field Putters

Hiro Matsumoto Putters

LogicalOne Putter

Jimmy Mick's TapIn Putter

Miura Golf Putters

Paganica ReadGreen Putter

Possum Putters (wooden, New Zealand)

Probe Golf Putters

StraightAim Putter

World's Most Perfect Putter Baby Belly

Zomo Putters

New Putter Makers Added April 12, 2006

Celestial.15 Putter

Inseyed Putters

Lux Putters

Byron Putters

Mentor Sports Technologies

Pilot Putter (now Profound Putters)

Jerry Korte's Yes! Golf
The Yes Plus Putter

45 New Putter Makers Added February 2, 2005

2005 PGA Merchandise Show- Putter Company Exhibitors

Golf Review -- Putters Reviews (many models)

Golf Test USA -- Putter Ratings (December 2004)

Golfweek's James Achenbach, 2005, Year of the Putter


A-1 Precision / Precision Putter
A. Quality Golf Putters
Absolute Sports
AccuPro Golf Putters
Accuracy Golf

Accurate Golf and Straightline Putting

Accusteel / Pal Joey
Action Custom Golf
Adjust - A - Putter
Advantage Putter
Affinity Optis Putter

Alien Sport

All Kids Golf Clubs - custom putters
All American

Alternative Golf Equipment

Alumni Golf Putters (gift)
American Classic Sports
American Putter
Anderson Golf Putters
Appletree Golf Wooden Putters
Arcmaster Putter

Aristocrat Golf Clubs

Tommy Armour Golf
Aserta: IN THE HOLE! Golf
Ashdon Putters
Ashdown Golf -Rollor Putter
Ashwyn Junior Golf - Copper Head Putter
AT Golf / Turbo Power
Aurora Golf Putters
Aussie Pendulum Putters
Austads Senator Milled
AU Tech - Big Nickel Smart Putters

Avanti-Elite (corporate gift)


Ballista Pulse Putters
Ballistic Golf Junior Putters - Inferno & Lightning Stix
Bamboo Putters from Kane Klassics
Bando Golf
Banjo Putter
Bay Hill Putters
Beacon Golf
Beer Barrel Putter
Belly Golf
Bell Putter

Belly Putter Net

Belly Putter by Simple Simon
Ben Hogan Putters
Ben Ross Putters
Ben Sayers Golf
Benson Golf Company - The BREAK Putter
Bermuda Triangle Golf (split hosel)
Bruce Bernson Putters

Bettinardi (Robert Bettinardi Putters) - now part of Hogan Golf

BeWorks Golf Putters - Beryllium Putters

Big Nickel Smart Putters

Big Oak Putters
Birdie Putts Pro Select Putter
Bird Dog Putters
Black Concha Putters - Golf Clubs Plus

Black Hawk Golf

Black Ice
Black Maire Golf Clubs
Black Rock Golf
Blaisdell Golf Putters
Bobby Grace Putters - now part of MacGregor
Ken Boyd Putters
The Break Putter (Benson)
Breeds Confidence Putters [new site coming:]

Bridges Putters

Bridgestone Tourstage PV-Putters
Bronty Golf Putters

Brosnan Golf

Browning Balata Putter
Buchanan Putters (UK) / Buchanan The Silver putter
Todd Buckner Designs SureTrac Putter
Bulletgolfeurope 555 Putter

Kevin Burns Putters

Burrows Golf - M.A.C. Ion Putter
Byron Butler Golf - B-line Putter
Byron Putters


C-Groove Putters
Callaway Golf
Scotty Cameron / Titleist Putters
Carbite Golf
Carizma Putters - See Jim Flood or Carbite
Castlehawk X-Series Putters
Cayman Golf
C & E Putter Ltd. - components

Celtic Custom Clubs - Blackthorn shafted putters

Center Champ Golf - White Lightning Putters (free video)
Chameleon Golf - Chameleon Putter
Thomas Chancey's Cylinder Putter

Chestnut Hill Golf Club

Classic Series Putters - Golf Clubs Plus

Cleveland Golf - now includes Never Compromise

Clone Golf Putters -
Closar Golf
Club Pro Products
Club Pro Jr -
ClyveGolf (Bergen, Norway)
CMC Golf Clubs - Putters
Cobra Golf
Confidence Golf
Todd Sones' Contour Putter

Ray Cook Golf

CopperKing Putters

Copper Stix
Cow Pasture Golf : Putters (discount custom made)
Crafted Classics Custom Golf Putters & Golf Putter Sets (gift)

Otey Crisman Putters

Otey Crisman Putters

Okoboji Golf - Otey Crisman Putters

CrystalSoft Putter (gift)

Cubic Balance

Cunningham Golf Creations - Clique Putter
Currie (Kirk Currie Putters) - now designing for Wilson
Curv Convex Putter (Smartech Golf)
Cylinder Putter


Daito Golf Putters
Dale Engineering Super-V Putter

Dalriada - Circuit Pro Putters (corporate gift)

Da Lung Golf Gift putter heads (Taiwan)
Dama Putters

Dandy Golf Putters

Dead On Putters from Elite Sports Products
De La Cruz Golf
Delta-b Putter / Delta Golf
Designer Golf - Toski Putters (corporate, personal logos)
Devilray Putter (Norway)
Diamondhead Golf
Dimension Z Golf
Dint Australia Putters
Dogleg Right / HOG Golf

Downeast Trading / Orbiter Golf

Down Pat Golf - Pinball Putters

DM Golf Putters
Down the Line Golf

Drop Putter with Reality Balancing

DTM Golf Products - Millennium Gold Putters

DTM Golf Products - Brass Putters

Dual AIM Golf

Duden Golf Co.

Dunlop Putters - Dunlop Vision Plus 1 Putter Mens
DV8 Golf Pro Putter

Dynacraft Jackaroo - ProTech Golf

Dynacraft Putters -


Eagle Swing Golf
Ébalon Golf!
Echelon (Yonex)
Dead On Putters from Elite Sports Products
Elmer M1 Putter
Duane Engdahl's Quantum Putters
eOnePutt Long Putter
Ergo Putter

Ever Roll

Eyemark Golf Putters
Equipoise Putters
EZ Line Putter


Falcon Exocet Putter

Craig Farrar Golf - Verex Putter

Fat Frogs Putters

Fazer Firepower

Feel Golf Company Putters
Feel Putters
FeelTech Golf - The EV1 Series putter

Fiber Sonic Soft Putters

Fiel VA
Finale Putter / Mirip Tech

Finalizer Putter (sidesaddle)

Finn Putter
Fisher Golf Putters
Jim Flood Putters
Carizma Lancaster putter by Jim Flood
Serengeti putter by Jim Flood
Jim Flood's Rock Roller Putter
Fourteen Putters
Fox Golf Putters
Frankly Golf Putter - Frank Thomas
Franklin Outfront Putters
Fazer Golf Putter


G-Field Putters
Gaim Golf

Gatz Putter

Gauge Golf Putters

GaugeDesign Custom Putters

GaugeDesign Japan (in Japanese)

GB&C Tech - The Marquee Putter
Geng Yiu Int'l - putter heads (Taiwan)

George Low putters - NPursuit Golf

George Low Golf (under construction)

Giant Golf Putters - Billy Casper endorsement (coming soon)
Gibas Golf Putters (corporate logo, gift)
Glass Putters by Ray Mathews Jr.
GO Classic Golf European Putters
Golf Classic Design & Mfg - Outrage Putters
Golf Craft Gold-Plated Putters
Golf Clone Putters - Putter Clones

Golf Clubs 4 Kids - Putters

Golf Components Outlet putter heads - Putter heads (components)
GolfGear International
GolfQuip putter heads (Canada)
Golf Research In Play (GRIP) Putters
Golfsmith - Putter Components
Golf Supply America - Putterheads - Polymer Insert Putterheads - Balata Insert Putterheads - Copper Insert Putterheads - Stainless Putters - Brass Putters - Zinc Putters
Golf Technology Far East's SolutioN and Ugly Duckling Putters
GolfWorks by Ralph Maltby - Putter Components
GolfWorks Persimmon Putter & Mallet

Goolie Golf

GR Golf Custom-Built Putters
Bobby Grace Putters - now part of MacGregor

Gravity Golf: The Arc Master Putter

Green Grass Golf Putters for free. ($18.95 S&H)
Griffin Golf - Touch Putter
Grips Fast Putters
Guerin Rife Putters


Hallson Putters
Hamilton Golf Club Design
Harold Swash - C-Groove Putters
Heavy Putter
Hed Golf Mid-length Putter
Heritage Golf George Nicoll GEM Putter
Hex Designs - The Golden Edge
Hickman Racing - Machine Milled Putter
Hickory Shop Putters (gift)
Ultimate Putter by Dave Hicks
Hireko Golf
Hiro Matsumoto Putters
HMS Creations - Custom-made Putters (designed by you)

Hoffman Ink Junior Putters

HOG Golf / Dogleg Right

Ben Hogan Putters
Holloway's Golf Force Focus Putters
Home Team Golf Putters (sports team logo)
Honma Putters
Hono Golf Putters
Hustler Putters


Ice Putter
ICit Golf Putter
Ideal Design Sports Golf - Center Shot Putters
Imprint Golf Putters (corporate logo)
Impulsion Putters by Tim Polce
Infiniti Golf Putters
Innovagolf Accu-release Milled Putters
Inwood Golf Putters
In The Cupp Putters


Tom Wetzel's Jackpot Golf
Jazz Golf
JGO Putters
John Byron Putters

John's Custom Clubs

Bobby Jones Replica Calamity Jane Putter
Jr Pro Putter (junior)


Kane Klassics Bamboo Putters

Katana Putter (Japan) (Putter page only) (Full site frame)
K'Ching Golf Putter and Putting System

Keena Putt Putter (wooden head)

Kent Sports Putterhead Components

Kevin Burns Putters - Junior Putters
Kirk Currie Putters - now designing for Wilson
Bernard Klein's Target50 Putters
Kodiak Golf / Clubfitters Custom Golf - Putterheads
Komperdell Sportartkel Ges.m.b.H (Austrian)
Yes Golf Jerry Korte
Knight Golf Putters
Kramski Putter (Germany)
Kunnan Golf
KZG Putter -


La Jolla Club Golf Co.
Lake Chelan Apple Store - Custom wood golf putters (wooden head)
Lange Golf-Custom Putters for Women
Leading Edge
John Letters Tri-Logic 425 Putter
Lindsay Putters
Link Solution Putters - Edwin Watts Golf
Links / Hustler Golf
Lion Golf
Liquidmetal Putters
Clay Long's Plus 2 Golf - Personal Edition Putter

Nancy Lopez Golf Putters

Nancy Lopex Insert Putters - TGW

Louisville Golf - Earthwood Putters

George Low putters - NPursuit Golf

George Low Golf (under construction)

Lucas Golf Reverse Face-Balanced Putters

Manny Lucas' Magic Ceramic Putter
Lux Putters
Lynx Black Cat Putters - Golfsmith


McArthur Sports Team Logo Putters
Angus MacKay Clubmakers, Ltd. -Engraved Hickory Shaft Wooden Putters (gift)
Macro Golf
MACS Custom Putting Systems
Magnum Golf Putters Thor Odin
Make & Supply Sports International
Sky Golf Tad Moore Make Everything Belly Putter
Makser Golf Collector's Putters
GolfWorks by Ralph Maltby - Putter Components
Maltby RM700 Putters
Bob Mann Who-Dinni Putter
Mars Putters
Maruman Golf
MasterGrip Products - Putters & Chipper
Master Putters
Hiro Matsumoto Putters

Ray Matthews' Glass Putters

Mattson Enterprises - Master Putter (adjustable)
Matzie Putters & Chippers
Maya Putters -
Maximus Putter
McCann Precision Golf - Putters (components, heads)

McGolf Stealth & Elite Custom Putters (seem to have quit the putter biz)

McNelly Original
MD Golf - Putters
Merit Golf

Merlin Golf / Matzie

MGolf / Millenium Golf
Mibunn Putters Australia
Jimmy Mick's TapIn Putter

Millennium & Millennium II Golf Putters

Dale Miller's Patented Putting

TP Mills Putters

Mirip Tech / Finale Putter
Mitchell Golf
Mitsushiba Golf / Paragom Sports
Miura Golf Putters
Mojo Putter
Monark Golf Supply
Tad Moore Golf / Sky Golf Tad Moore Make Everything Belly Putter
Mountain Jade Putters (novelty)
MRW Golf & Marketing
M & M Technologies, Inc. - T-Minus Putters
Musty Putters


Nancy Lopez Golf Putters

Nancy Lopex Insert Putters - TGW

NASCAR Dale Jarrett Mallet Head Golf Putter (novelty)

National Golf Research Institute's Tha National Putter
Natural Golf - The Thing Putter
Natural Golf Putter
Natural Talent Hardwood Putter
Neck Putter
Never Compromise - now part of Cleveland Golf
New Wave Twin Ball Putter
Next Generation Golf Putters
NGC Golf Controller Pinline Putter
Nickent Golf
Nicklaus JN Series Putters
Nirvana Golf Swagie Putter

Noble Golf Co.

Nomad Golf Putters
Norman & Norman
No Three Putt - Spirit Putter (removable spirit level training aid)
Wood putters by Novel-Tee Wood L.L.C.


Octagon Golf

Odyssey Golf / Callaway

Old Master Putters
Olde Master Originals
Old World Hickory Putters

Old World Stone - Pro-Magma granite putters

Peter O'Leary's Drop Putter with Reality Balancing

Olyo Putters

O'Murray Golf Co. Putter (site being renovated 12-13-01)

OnFire Putters - Precision top-spin golf putters
On Line Putters
Ono Plant Putters (in Japanese)
Ontic Golf Equipment
Open Hole Putter ( OHP)
Ed Opie's Breeds Confidence Putters [new site coming:]
Optic Golf
O Putter
Orbiter Golf Putters
Orion Golf Group DST Putters

Bill Orr's Travel Putter (gift)

Osborne Golf Forged Blade Putter

Otey Crisman Putters

Outrider Sports Putter (see the review)


Paganica ReadGreen Putter
Pal Joey / Accusteel

Palgolf SRL (Italian putters)

Palmer Original Putter - TGW
Parabolic Golf Custom-Fitted Putters (Dynacraft, Golfsmith, Snake Eyes, XPC Tour heads)
Paradigm Jade Putters (jade, rock, gem)
Parente Nirvana Putters
The Parlor Putter

Par-Sighted - "The EagleEye(TM) Putter"

Pauli Putters

PAX Golf
Peace Missle Putter
Peacock Putters
Pearl Golf Putters
Peerless Golf

Pegasus Hickory Shaft Golf Putters

Pegg Putters

Pendulum Putters
Penick Red River Blade
Penneagle Putters
Perfect-Angle Putter (adjustable lie)
Perfect Putter (wooden head)
Perfect Touch Putter by Bob (Ubie) Uebelhor
Perry Putters T-Roll¬ Golf Putters
PGS Sports putter heads (China)
Photon Golf (part of Aserta Sports)
Pickup Putter - saves your back

Pine Meadow Putters (inexpensive)

Pine Ridge White Face Putter
Pinfire Golf Putters
PING Putters - Karsten Mfg
NGC Golf Controller Pinline Putter
Pinseeker Putters
PinSight Putter
Pinter Putter - Peter Pinter Engineering
Pivot Putters
Pixl Golf Company (former-Titleist technical guru Art Chou) Golf Clone Putters (components, heads)
Clay Long's Plus 2 Golf - Personal Edition Putter
Porsche Design Putters
Positive Putter
Possum Putters (wooden, New Zealand)
Potty Putter (gag)
Prairie Dog Putters
Prairie Putters - Omaha NE - Superior Metal Products

Precision Putter / A-1 Precision

Prestige Golf Putters (Swedish, including the Pool Putter by Leif Sundberg)
Prize Golf Putters (fulcrum balanced, reverse loft)
Probe Golf Putters
Pro-Curio Golf, Inc.
Profound Putters
Progen Putters
ProLine Custom Made Putters
Prosimmon Golf
ProTacTic Putters
Prototech AS
Puku Golf Belly Putter

Pure Bull Putters (novelty)

Pure Pendulum
Purestroke Putters - Edwin Watts Golf
Pure Track Putters - Golf Clubs Plus
Pushin Daisies: Casket Putter
Putter King
Putter Promotions' Old World Hickory Putters (gifts)
Puttercraft Putters - cheap price
Putterville USA High Performance Hardwood Putters

PuttGuru's Magic Twanger (sidesaddle)

Pyramid Putter


Q-Roll Putters
Duane Engdahl's Quantum Putters


Rainbow Sports

Railgun Putters

Ram Zebra (now TearDrop) - TGW (under construction 6-3-01, out of business 9-02)

Ranger Golf - Putterheads
Raven Golf Putter

Ray Cook Golf

Red Eye Laser Putter
Regal Golf Putters (Glasgow, Scotland)
The REESO Putter
Putting Tool by Revision: adjustable
RHIM Putter - Lie-adjustable

Rhino Woodworks - Rhino Putters

Rick's Custom Golf Putters (components, heads)
Ridgway Designed Putters
Guerin Rife Putters
Riley Golf - Leading Roll Putter
Rim Fire Putters

Rogue Collection - Putters / Rogue Assault Putters

Roll-baby Golf Putter
Rolo Golf, Inc. - The Rolo Putter
Rollor Putter
Ben Ross Putters
Rossa Putters (TaylorMade)


Sadler Golf INUGO Putters
Safari Golf Putters (novelty, South African)
Schmitty Golf Putters
Scientific Golfers (Swedish The One Putter)
SciGolf Sure Stroke Putter

Scotty Cameron / Titleist Putters

See More Putters

Sensi-Touch Insert Putters - Golf Clubs Plus
Side-Stroke Putter
Sigma Golf

Signature Putters (corporate logo)

Silk Touch (Dupont Corian putters)
Belly Putter by Simple Simon

Sinker Putter

Sir Newton Golf Products - Sir Newton Putter
Bruce Sizemore's XM-2 Putter
S.J. Sports - Putter Pro Shop
Skidaway Putter
Sky Golf Putters / Tad Moore Golf / Sky Golf Tad Moore Make Everything Belly Putter

SLAP-Self Leveling Alignment Putter

Slotline Golf Clubs

Smartech Golf (CURV convex putters)
Soft Stroke Putters - ProTech Golf
Solari Golf SharPutters
Solo Golf
Todd Sones' Contour Putter
Snake Eyes Putters - Golfsmith
Snake Eyes Putter (ESG Direct)
Snake Eyes Putters

Square Two Golf

Srixon Putters
S-Shaft steel putter shafts (Taiwan)
Sterling Golf The Patrick Putter
Stewart & Stewart Converter Putters
Sticky Golf P2 Solution Putters
Stoffer Golf
Straight Aim - Unique Golf Putters
Striker Golf Putters

String Putter / String Putter SP2000 Putter (Edwin Watts)

STS Putters - Golf Clubs Plus

STX Golf Putters

Successful Golf Putter

Sudden D'EATH
Superior Metal Products - Prairie Putters - Omaha NE
SUPPEME NAME CO.,LTD. - Pro-go Sports - putters (Taiwan)
Sure Roll by Jack Kuykendall
SureTrac Putter (negative loft)
Harold Swash - C-Groove Putters

Sweet Spot International

Swilken St Andrews
Swiss putters
Switch Putting and Switch Putter by Tim Holman


Jimmy Mick's TapIn Putter

Targetloc Putter

Tarheel Custom Golf, Putters and Wedges

Tartan Golf - Hand Crafted Golf Putters

Taylormade Golf
Taylormade Rossa Putters
TearDrop Golf (under construction)
Tech Line Scuff Rail Putter (by the authors of How Golf Clubs Work)
Technique Golf 2003 Putters
Terry Terrell's TT Putter -
The One Putter - Scientific Golfers (Swedish)
The Way Putters
Think Golf Putters
Thomas Golf (includes belly putter)
Three Way Golf: Brass Balata Putters (Blackweld Golf)
Tiger Shark Golf / Technique Golf
Timbered Putter Golf
TitanHawk Putter - Golf Clubs Plus
Ti Thunder Putters - Golf Clubs Plus

Titleist Putters / Scotty Cameron

Todd Buckner Designs SureTrac Putter (negative loft)

Tom Morris Long-Nose Putter replica

Tommy Armour Golf Co. (RAM, Teardrop, Zebra putters)
Top Tier Putters
Toski Golf Putters - Edwin Watts Golf
Griffin Golf - Touch Putter
Tour Edge Putters
Tourstage PV-Putters (Bridgestone)

TP Mills Putters

Traxx Putters

Trident Golf

Trinity Golf
T-Roll Golf Putter / Perry Putters T-Roll¬ Golf Putters (free video)

Trueline Golf Putters

Turin Golf - Putters (components, heads)


Ultimate Putter by Dave Hicks
U-Neek Gift Putter
Up and In Putters
US Kids Golf - Junior Putters
Us Tour Golf- Putters


Vaang Golf - MUDGEE Instructional Putter

Vanguard Integral Putter
Vermont Marble Putters (novelty)
Neil Vertigan One-Tree Golf Putters (wooden head, art from one tree)
Vision Putters by Wilson Credle
Voit Futuristic Putter
Von's Golf Putters - Review Von's Golf Putters
Vulcan Golf Putter


The Way Putter
Well Golf putter heads (Taiwan)
White Lightning Putters Free video
Wild Mountain Golf Putters & Gifts

Wilson Sporting Goods

Wonder Putter (url highjacked... I'm fixing it)
Wood Bros Golf - Switch Putters
Wooden Touch Putters - Finland
World's Most Perfect Putter Baby Belly

WOW Putter (novelty - horns and stuff) Jade Putters (novelty, components, heads)


XPC Putters - ProTech Golf
The Xstreem Wide Body Putter


Yes Golf Jerry Korte
Yes! Putters / Harold Swash C-Groove Putters
Yung Pi Enterprise Co.
Yuxin putter heads (Taiwan)


Zero Tolerance - ProTech Golf
Zero Twist Putter
Zevo Golf (seem to have abandoned the putter biz - I'll check) (pity if true)
Zhong Yi Putters
Zivot Golf
Zomo Putters
Zucci 3-Ball Putter
Putting Academy
PZ Radio
Oldtime Music
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